Heels, Boots, or Sneakers? What Can I Wear with my Outfit?

From the minute you step out of your home, your outfit says a lot about you. It tells others about your personality, ideals, lifestyle, and what you represent. Remember when Princess Diana set the world ablaze with her off-shoulder dress moment? The way you dress can send a strong message without you having to say a word?

You have found the perfect dress but don’t know what shoes to pair it with. Here are some tips to help make your decision easier.

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want a boss lady vibe? Are you looking to finish up your beach look? Do you want to portray summer or fall vibes? Do you want to appear edgy but laid back at the same time? What you wish to achieve with your outfit determines what shoes to pair it with.

Take a maxi dress for example. It is a casual dress but you can take it up a notch depending on the shoes you wear it with and some accessories to complement the look. For a beach look, try a pair of flat sandals with the dress. You can pair it with some low-heeled sandals when having lunch with some friends in a cozy environment or just for some everyday street fashion. You can also pair your maxi dress with backless espadrille mules, ankle boots, platform sandals, and wedges depending on your comfort level and how you want to look.

For a formal office look, it is always a good idea to pair your dress with some pumps or stilettos. You can wear an evening dress with strappy heels, stilettos, and pumps depending on the design of the dress and the type of sophisticated look you wish to achieve.

Pairing my clothes with Sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have for any wardrobe. It is comfortable, cool, has a classy and edgy look to it, and looks great with almost anything in your wardrobe. It is one of those fashion items that are both fashionable and functional.

You already know that sneakers can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans. A good-looking pair of sneakers from AU Nike stores can add an edgy and sophisticated look to your casual outfit.

You could always pair your sneakers with a nice mini dress for a contrast between cute and cool. For midi or long dresses, a pair of white sneakers or one with a complementing color is always a good way to go.

What about evening dresses and suits? How you pair sneakers with these outfits depend on what you are comfortable with. Plus, wearing sneakers with a nice look or evening dress is a contrast to the tradition of wearing heels with such clothes. Also, it takes away from the formality of the outfit and can present a laid-back vibe.

There are tons of different sneakers to pair your clothes with and you don’t have to restrict yourself to one type. From high tops, vans, to skate shoes, your sneakers can be as extravagant and elaborate as you want. When shopping for sneakers, it’s best to get from a specialized brand like Nike stores in AU where you are provided with quality shoes.

Colors and Tones

 While you can match the color of your shoes to the dress, it’s always fun to play around with the colors. For a nude or neutral outfit, you can pair it with bright-colored or patterned shoes to give a pop of color and distinctiveness.

If you are wearing a multi-colored outfit, you can either pair your shoes with the dominant color or one of the minor colors to complement the outfit. You could also consider wearing a different tone of the same color. Imagine that you are wearing a light pink dress. Instead of picking shoes of the same color, you could always go for one with a deeper shade of pink to bring out the dress.

What to Remember

When it comes to shoes, go for something you are comfortable with after which, you can consider how it goes with your outfit. Don’t forget to try on new shoes at the mall before you make the buy.

It’s a good idea to have shoes for different climates and seasons. You can have a pair of flat sandals for the summer, and practical shoes for winter. When buying heels, have a mix between high, mid, and low heels so that you can experience a little bit of everything.