Hot Water with Lemon is a Best Fat Cutter: Easy Weight Loss Method

Hot lemon water combines powerful agents that improve your chances for weight loss: the potent vitamin C and antioxidants of lemon and the digestion-improving ability of hot water. To prepare this common potable, warm water on your stove and allow it to cool to a bearable temperature and squeeze the juice of a fresh whole lemon. Don’t use a microwave or pasteurized lemon juice from a bottle. Although hot lemon water helps set conditions that are conducive to weight loss, the home remedy doesn’t take the place of eating well and exercising nor does it replace the advice of your health care provider.

Lemon Detox Diet for Weight Loss

If you are planning for a healthy but fast weight loss, then you may opt for specially designed diet of lemon juice in water. Metabolism rate influences functions of all body systems. So improved metabolism helps improve digestion which results in better absorption of nutrients and strong immune system. While following a lemon juice detox diet, you are supposed to give up solid food and drink only lemon juice in water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup all throughout the day. You are supposed to continue this diet for 6 to 7 days.

This liquid diet stimulates elimination of harmful toxins from the body and offers lots of energy. You don’t feel tired after following this diet. Moreover, it offers healthy hair and glowing skin as lemon water is rich in antioxidant vitamin C. The diet helps improve bowel movements. Before starting this diet, you need to increase intake of raw fruits, vegetables; and fruits and vegetable juices for some days. During this period, you are advised to avoid spicy food, rice, meat, cheese, pasta, coffee and herbs. This helps prepare your body for the lemon detox diet.

  • Drink a warm glass of water with a lemon slice upon waking in the morning. Drinking warm water with lemon for weight loss in the morning helps a sluggish digestive system, so it’s a great way to start the day after sleeping all night. Boil water in a pan or microwave. Wash the outside of the lemon and add a slice to the water. Sip like tea.
  • Cleanse your body with lemons for weight loss. Many cleansing diets use lemon to detox the body. Add a slice of lemon to drinking water throughout the day. If desired, wash a lemon in the morning, and use a food processor to grind the whole lemon. Place the lemon puree in a small jar and add it to water throughout the day. The pectin in lemon peel is an excellent source of fiber, which helps stop the body from absorbing sugar quickly. Pectin also helps eliminate cravings. Drinking water with a whole lemon for weight loss is an excellent way to speed up weight loss and detox the body.
  • Mix lemon puree or a lemon slice with tea and apple cider vinegar to help maximize weight loss. Apple cider vinegar and lemon help people lose weight faster. Some of the best teas for weight loss with lemon are green tea and oolong tea. Use one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with tea once or twice a day.
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water with lemon for weight loss. Drinking a lot of water helps people lose weight more quickly.