How To Maintain Your Weight Loss: 8 Useful Tips

Losing weight is no easy task, but maintaining a trim body often presents a new set of difficulties that leads many dieters to regain their lost weight. It can feel pretty darn good to achieve your goal but you probably have a degree of fear in how you can keep this. With some work and planning, you can stay at this healthy number and create a healthier lifestyle.

Losing weight and eating better may often seem like a lot of work, but these easy steps will help keep you on course. From activities to eating habits and lifestyle changes, get started with the first tip on the next page. The following some best tips address the unique challenges of maintaining your hard-earned weight loss.

The Effective Tips To Maintain Your Weight Loss

  • Drink a lot of water: The water itself may or may not be important for weight control, but the practice of drinking it throughout the day serves as a gentle between-meals reminder.
  • Stop Restricting Calories: Losing weight through extremely low calorie diets can wreak havoc on your metabolism, leading to chronic fatigue, suppressed immune and thyroid function, and adrenal stress.  If you eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight, your body responds by increasing your appetite and lowering your resting metabolic rate, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight.
  • Apples contain 15 percent of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C. In addition to contributing to overall health, fruits rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, have recently been linked to a decreased risk of coronary heart disease and cancer. Fit two to three servings (or more) of fruit into your daily diet.
  • Eat The Correct Portions: One of the biggest mistakes people make is eating too large portions of food. Portion control plays a crucial role in maintaining your figure. With everyday meals make sure you have a larger portion of protein and veggies on your plate compared to white carbs and don’t eat until you feel absolutely stuffed and cannot move. Be mindful that when you go to certain restaurants they might serve portions larger than needed, so if you feel full don’t feel bad about asking for the rest to go.
  • Exercise is critically important: The National Weight Control Registry is an organization that tracks people who have successfully lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off. They found that 90% of those who have successfully maintained their weight exercise an average of 1 hour per day.
  • Get on a Fit Schedule: Get in a regular schedule of working out at the same time so it becomes a ritual, just like brushing your teeth. By following the same time of exercise for just 30 days, it will become a habit and your body will even begin to crave these sweat sessions. This will help you maintain your weight and feel great!
  • Reward yourself: Weight loss is about deprivation. Weight maintenance works best when you occasionally give in to temptation.
  • Stay Active, Stay Accountable: Finally, if you want to maintain your weight loss, you must stay active and accountable for continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.  Just because you have achieved your goal does not mean you should regress back to old habits.  Share your success story and tips through a support group or online forum, and find new motivation in inspiring others.

Remember girls living healthy is for life! The best thing you can do is find something that works for you and keep the balance.