Homemade Acne Treatment with Lemon Juice

Acne is an outbreak of blemishes most often erupting on the face, neck, chest and back area of the body. There are so many different types of skin disorders, acne only being one of them. Wrinkles, acne scars, Rosacea and hyper pigmentation are just a few more to mention. While lemon juice as well as other natural remedies can be of use in treating acne, this does not mean they are necessarily the best treatment available. It is advisable to seek professional advice for treatment.

How To Get Rid of Acne with Lemon Juice

  1. To apply lemon juice to your acne, simply squeeze some lemons. After washing your face well, apply the juice all over your skin, like a toner. This will remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Leave on for up to 15 minutes before rinsing. Splash your face with cold water afterward to tighten and close your pores.
  2. Lemon juice is a great homemade acne treatment because it contains minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Using lemon juice topically and orally can be very effective for a homemade acne treatment and overall healthier skin. Your skin will be clean, supple and softer.
  3. Clean your skin by using a gentle facial cleaner. Once clean and dried, dab 2 cotton balls in the lemon solution. Dab the areas of your face that have breakouts and are prone to breakouts.
  4. Lemon is a citrus fruit, which means it contains an acid called alpha hydroxy. This acid is an exfoliate, which means when applied to the skin, it helps dead skin cells shed faster and prevents them from clogging the pores.
  5. You can use the lemon juice in two ways to get the maximum benefits. Slice a piece of lemon and apply directly to the face covering the affected areas. Lemon juice will help to remove the excess sebum, remove dead cells, dirt and kill germs. If you feel like your skin is burning, just add a little water to the juice so it is not so potent.

Hope you will follow these tips. Although it’s normal for the lemon juice application to make your skin sting a bit, it shouldn’t burn or hurt immensely. If you know any beauty tips so, please share with us via comments below.