Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

Eyebrows are a defining attribute for balanced facial symmetry. They frame your eyes and accentuate their natural beauty. For women, the way their eyebrow looks is a very important thing indeed. And with the increase in cosmetology, even men are taking keen interest in the same. After all, full eyebrows speak of youth and natural beauty which is why it is considered a great fashion faux pas and embarrassment to experience the loss of eyebrows.

Hair loss can mean different things to different people. But when it comes down to achieving a medical diagnosis, true hair loss involves more than the normal daily shed of 150-200 hairs. The effective treatment of eyebrow hair loss depends on its reasons. Only the qualified diagnostics can define the nature of this disorder in each individual case and prescribe appropriate therapy.

Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes

Some of the most common causes of eyebrow loss include the following:

  • Trauma: Damage to the eye bridge where eyebrows grow can impact the growth of hair and actually lead to hair loss.
  • Plucking: many women and some men like to shape their eyebrows to keep them looking neat. Unfortunately some persons overdo the plucking and end up losing their eyebrows.
  • Natural aging process where patients in their 50’s and 60’s begin to experience hair thinning even in their eyebrow area.
  • Alopecia Areata and other systemic diseases such as thyroid disorders.
  • Growths: Sometimes unusual growths or warts on the eyebrows will prevent the hair from growing in the affected area.
  • Congenital condition: Some persons are actually born with conditions which cause them to lose eyebrows or not grow eyebrows at all.

Treatment for Eyebrow Hair Loss

  • Cover the eyebrow with warm castor oil and leave on overnight. It is a well known fact that castor oil helps hair growth. Other oils such as coconut and olive can also be used.
  • Apply milk or milk cream on the eyebrows, the rich content of vitamins and protein help to nourish the hair roots of the eyebrows.
  • Cosmetically you can use eye liner or eye shadow to make your eyebrows look thicker.
  • Hypothyroidism is a common medical cause of eyebrow loss. According to Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Dr. Todd B. Nippoldt, severe hypothyroidism can cause hair loss to the outer part of the eyebrows. Restoring deficient thyroid hormones to their proper levels may restore eyebrow growth.
  • Castor oil is also helpful in growing eyebrow hairs. You can apply on the eyebrow and massage the area at least 2 times in a day.
  • Fruits and vegetables and protein-rich foods may help, since eating well can make your hair and eyebrows look healthier.
  • Squeeze some onion to get the juice, and then apply the juice to the eyebrows to encourage new eyebrow growth.
  • Apply coconut oil to a cotton swab and rub the area where you want your eyebrows to regrow before going to sleep at night. Do this every night over the next week and you’ll begin to see some eyebrow regrowth.
  • Dip a cotton wool in milk and use it to wipe the eyebrows regularly in the morning. The vitamins and protein content of the milk will help to grow the eyebrows thicker and denser.
  • For using it you can simply mix some coconut milk and almond oil and apply on the eyebrows and keep it for fifteen minutes before washing it off. Ideally using this treatment once a week can help to get the results quicker.

For women especially, a short tem solution is to use eyebrow brushes and color to thicken and give the elusion of fuller eyebrows.