15 Beautiful Free Tree Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Nature will always be part of our lives. It’s up to us to make the environment clean and safe for future generations. Although we, designers, can derive inspiration from almost everything, nature often manages to provide us with beautiful eye-catching perspectives we would never have explored otherwise. Trees are the basic symbol of life. It resembles wellness but also embodies strength and endurance. Trees can serve you in many ways, it can be a shade during the summer, a wood that can provide warmth and shelter during the winter.

In this post we would like to focus on wallpapers which emphasize the variety and beauty of nature. And to remind us the beauty and usefulness of these trees, why not stick them to our desktops and enjoy their view while we relax for a while? In this post we have 15 awesome free tree wallpapers for your inspiration. Download these free trees wallpapers to decorate your background and be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of nature.

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1. Sunrise


2. The White Tree’s Empire

The White Tree’s Empire

3. Stand Alone

Stand Alone

4. Hypno Tree

Hypno Tree

5. Tenere Tree

Tenere Tree

6. Dead Fall Tree Free Wallpaper

Dead Fall Tree Free Wallpaper

7. Solo Tree Wallpaper

Solo Tree Wallpaper

8. Amazing Tree Background

Amazing Tree Background

9. Black Painting Tree Free Wallpaper

Black Painting Tree Free Wallpaper

10. Winter Tree Wallpaper – Sleepless

Winter Tree Wallpaper - Sleepless

11. Hug A Tree

Hug A Tree

12. Forest Young Tree Free Wallpaper

Forest Young Tree Free Wallpaper

13. Blue Summer Song

Blue Summer Song

14. Golden Dream WP

Golden Dream WP

15. Rising Sun Wallpaper

Rising Sun Wallpaper

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