Makeup Tips for Brides to Make the Special Day Really Big for You

Your wedding is the most significant event of your life and keep pleasant moments in your memory. Your wedding photos play a vital role in doing this, you can keep alive your wedding occasion even after a long period of time. But just think if your Bridal Makeup unfortunately imperfect for the weeding day requirement then your Photo shoot will be not add your pleasant memories in spite of this you will feel embarrassment when ever you see your wedding album. Here we bring some very important bridal makeup tips that are essential for bridal makeup that make you perfect in your wedding photos.

Bridal Make up Tips

Bridal day makeup needs to be quite a bit heavier than an everyday makeup routine in order to stand up to photography lights. How to apply bridal makeup depends on both the theme and time of your wedding. Evening looks can be more dramatic with sultry eyes and bold shadows. Daytime bridal makeup should be minimal with neutral eye shadows and rosy lips.

Whether daytime or evening, you’ll need to apply cosmetics with a stronger hand to look best in wedding day photos. Every bride should emphasize blush and lips for the most foolproof and timeless bridal beauty.


Foundation is the first step in any makeup routine. Foundation evens out the skin tone and prepares the skin for blush and shadow application. Make sure you blend thoroughly when applying foundation. If you plan on tanning prior to your big day, make sure your foundation and concealer both match your deeper skin tone. Consider a customer blended foundation for foolproof coverage.


Many brides choose a neutral eye makeup palette. Feel free to experiment with different eye shadows and liners, but keep in mind it’s always best to stick with ivory and taupe shadows. Line the eyes with either black or brown liner and add a neutral shimmer shadow to the brow line. Here’s a useful tip; avoid metallic eye shadow on your special day. Metallic shadows look garish in photos and cast unwanted light.


Every blushing bride should wear a cream or stain blush for all day coverage. For perfect blushing beauty, Sonia Kashuk’s Lip and Cheek Tint is a must have for all skin tones. Brides look beautiful in peach and rosy hues. If you must wear a powder blush, layer the color heavily and blend carefully. Focus on the apples of the cheeks.


From the first kiss with the groom to the champagne toast, brides need a lipstick that stays put. Lip stains are a great option for all day wear. Christian Dior offers an incredible long-wearing lipstick called Dior Addict Plastic Gloss that offers both shine and all day coverage. Purchase a long wearing lipclor and line and fill in lips with a neutral liner to extend wear.

called Dior Addict Plastic Gloss that offers both shine and all day coverage. Purchase a long wearing lipclor and line and fill in lips with a neutral liner to extend wear.


Because eyebrows frame the face, they should be well groomed and shaped one week prior to your wedding day to avoid the risk of red bumps or wax allergies. Fill in brows with a taupe or brown shadow and set them with a clear mascara or wax.


You can bet you’ll shed quite a few tears on your blissful day. Always choose a waterproof mascara to prevent smudges and bleeding. Black mascara is the best choice for every bride. Make sure you curl eyelashes prior to mascara application to create a false-eyelash effect that will stand out beneath veils.