7 Most Common Fitness Mistakes

There are some fitness mistakes women often make that they are unaware of. So many make these mistakes that it becomes hard to decide what is right and what is not.┬áDon’t give up your fitness program just yet. Maybe the problem isn’t the exercise itself but the way you’re exercising.┬áHere are some things to bear in mind (and try to avoid) next time you visit the gym.

The Most Common Workout Mistakes

  1. Exercising without watching nutrition. If your goal is weight loss or increased muscle mass, proper nutrition must be adhered to. You cannot build muscle if you are on a calorie restrictive diet, and you cannot lose body fat if you take in too many calories at the wrong time. Poor nutrition will hold you back from getting good results.
  2. You make a point to exercise first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to burn more calories.
  3. Exercise burns lots of calories, and if you intend to get up and do it all again the next day, then you will need to ensure your glycogen stores are replenished post-workout.
  4. Skipping meals is unhealthy for your body and can cause metabolic syndrome, which will cause you to have weight gain and other health issues. You can resolve this by eating 5-7 healthy mini meals throughout the day. This will also help you to lose weight and have mega energy for the day!
  5. Carrying hand weights when you walk might seem like a good way to add strength training to your cardio workout, but it compromises your stride. “You lean forward, and it stresses the quads, ankles, and shins, and can cause stress fractures.
  6. Men try and lift too much weight and often injure themselves or show poor form. Women lift too lightly and never build the muscle necessary for improved strength or weight loss.
  7. Make a choice to exercise and not let anything ruin your workout. Fuel your workout by thinking of a solution to your fight while you are exercising. I guarantee you will have greater clarity after you exercise and you will feel great!

Hope these tips help you to achieve the great results you deserve. Do you currently make any of these fitness mistakes and, if so, which ones do you make?